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Day 5 - Ang Thong National Park

Our second excursion took us to the Ang Thong National Park which is a group of 42 islands featuring lime stone massifs, tropical rainforests and deserted beaches. Arriving at the first island by speedboat, we changed over to kayaks and pedalled to one of the deserted beaches for a swim. The next island had a hut and some tables and benches nestled under the palm trees on the beach. No electricity and no water but still our lunch stop. Warm Thai food was provided by our guides and had been brought with us from Samui. The next island was home of a green sweet-water lake, located almost at the top of a mountain. The climb to the view point was well worth it. On the last island stop we had time for some snorkelling. On our way back Geert fixed the steering of the boat which had broken at the beginning of a 1 hour return journey.


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